About Our Dining Tables

We handcraft all of our custom pieces with our customers in mind. Given that we do most of our advertising online and don't currently have a physical store, we understand you will have questions about the details and quality of our pieces. We keep our prices extremely competitive, however, we do not sacrifice quality to do so. Here is some information to help you better understand our work:


1. Our tables made with 100% solid pine wood. 


2. Every piece of wood is hand selected by us and milled in shop to ensure you get the BEST possible wood available.


3. We use screws for all of our work which makes our pieces sturdy. REALLY sturdy..


4. All of our tops are coated with 6 layers of durable polyurethane to protect from scratches, spills, etc.


5. We only use the best paint , with stain blocking elements, for our finishing.

6. All of our chairs are tested for quality and sourced from some of the most trusted names in furniture.

Caring for your table/bench:

1. For cleaning, we recommend simply a wet cloth.

2. Our paint is stain resistant and scrubbable, so if it is scuffed, it can be easily cleaned.

3. Do not place your furniture near a vent. Drastic changes in temperature are detrimental to solid wood and may void your warranty.